Office Exercises to Keep You Fit

Office Exercises to Keep You Fit

This blog we are taking a look at some exercises you can do while at the office.

Just because you work at a desk doesn’t mean you can’t work on your fitness too, nor keep those extra kilos off. You might think that the office is a place for work and work alone, and personal health and wellbeing is reserved for before and after hours. This kind of thinking can be dangerous to your health, wellbeing and productivity at work as fatigue, soreness and injury become likely outcomes of bad posturing and health choices. So here’s how to keep your fitness and health up at your desk.

Lose the office chair

Lose your chair and replace it with an exercise ball. By eliminating the back support provided by a chair you force your body to support itself, eliminating bad posture habits caused by laziness and fatigue. Your back and spine will set itself naturally and encourage you to sit tall and straight. A fit ball can also encourage your lower back stabiliser muscles to activate and strengthen. Your core muscles will follow suit, as sitting tall will keep your abs activated and build strength and tone.


Constantly stretch throughout the day. Sitting for long periods of time will cause muscle stiffness and promote bad circulation in your legs and lower back. Every time you stand up to get a coffee, have a quick stretch, paying particular attention to your lower body.

Ankle and calf stretches can be particularly effective at relieving lower limb lethargy, and can even be done whilst sitting. Lift one foot off the ground and alternate between pointing your toes up and down. Then move your foot in small circles, making sure to change directions, and legs.

Keep yourself moving

Chances are you spend a decent amount of time each day standing still and waiting – Waiting for a lift, or a printer, or a coffee order to come. This is a perfect time to sneak in a little health and wellbeing kick for your body and mind. Whilst leaning at the photocopier stretch a calf or a hamstring, do some glute kickbacks or practise some calf raises to promote blood flow to the legs.

Stretch out at your desk

If you are prone to spending most of your day at your desk, take advantage of the space and time to keep your legs moving. Often the biggest muscle group in the body, keeping your legs moving can burn a large amount of energy, keep your metabolism high and stave off ergonomic related musculoskeletal injuries.

Practice hip raises by sitting tall, activating your abdominal muscles and raising one leg until it is parallel with the floor. Hold it for 10 seconds at full height, before lowering and repeating with the other. Another great toning exercise is the double leg raise. Again, activate your abdominals, then cross one leg over the other and raise both. Keep doing it until your muscles start to fatigue, and you’ll feel the burn in your core and legs.

Don’t lose your health and wellbeing to the office life

With just a few simple life changes you can maintain your fitness and health whilst at your desk. Contact Active Health Promotion today for the best advice and structured programmes to keep you and your employees injury free and healthy.

Thanks for reading.
Adam & The Active Health Promotion Team

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